A Move To The Cloud & The Dickens Process – Really???

Below, please find a blog posting from a referral partner of L6S Business Consulting, Josh Szakal of Black River Technologies.

Can our decision of a move to the cloud and The Dickens Process be related?  The Dickens Process is based on the the character of Scrooge in Charles Dickens classic book, A Christmas Carol.  Without delving into the psychological weeds of this issue, the principle is very simple.

What will my future look like, if I don’t change my ways?

It is inarguable that we are in a sea change when it comes to cloud computing. Everything from the popularity of Dropbox for file storage, Amazon for shopping, all the way to software developers scrambling to publish a “cloud” version of their offerings is proof positive that the cloud is here and here to stay.  So what does Dickens have to do with all this?  Given this tremendous wave of a migration to the cloud, we must ask ourselves the same question Scrooge did.  What will my tomorrows look like if I don’t move to the cloud today?  Quite simply, you could get left behind.

The Move To The Cloud And The Challenge

The quiet truth is that businesses of all types as well as consumers young and old are not only dabbling in the cloud but taking up residence there.  With respect to businesses and their new world of Real time reporting, Dashboards, KPIs etc., getting left behind can have disastrous consequences.  While “on-premise” is not disappearing just yet, all indications point towards the fact that it is headed in the direction of the Dodo bird.

I am writing this article with one purpose in mind as it relates to our world’s journey into the cloud…Just think about it…

If you would like a real world example, read about the paradigm shift at Mountain Fitness here.

Take some quiet time to think and reflect on your business now.  Then think about your business in the future, with all the available technology, ask yourself these questions.

How it will be positioned?

How will it’s competitiveness compare to others in my space?

Will it be as efficient as is could be?

Will it be relevant?

Simply Food For Thought…And Our Collective Challenge.

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