Getting Back At It.


Well, reality has set in again. I love helping my clients improve their business and solve their problems, but I will admit, touring around Washington and Oregon was fun. To make it even better, you can’t complain about watching your favourite hockey team play six games on the road too.

Putting yourself back into the loop, no matter if you are self-employed or an employee is not an easy thing to do. Before I jump on an airplane thinking about the beach, I personally do a few things to help me out:

Where I Am: I either type up an email or write down on where I am on current projects. It helps to decrease the amount of review time that I need when I return.

Make a To-Do List: I remind myself of different things I need or would like to get done when I get back. This list may include the next step in my projects to help me even more.

No Meetings: I try to avoid scheduling meetings during my first or second day back. I have found that I was the least prepared for those meetings.

When I get back, I like to:

Reconnect: I send out an email or call colleagues or clients to learn of any new developments while I was away.

Email Responding: I only respond to pressing emails when I get back to work. I tend to sporadically check my emails while I am away. I deal with pressing emails when I get back but others can sit for a day or two.

Stay Focused: I keep myself on task using the road map I laid out before leaving for my trip. The goal is to not dream about the vacation. That was in the past…the future is waiting just ahead.

What do you do to help with easing back to work after being away? Any tricks you want to share?

Have an awesome week.


Photo Credit: John Patrick Robichaud


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