Receiving Feedback



When reading different publication in regards to human resources, management, or feedback, it is about giving it out. You can sandwich the feedback with saying something good, something negative, and then something good. You can also tell someone the negative action, tell them how it makes you feel and then give them a possible solution.

Those are all great pieces of advice, depending on the situation and the person that you are dealing with…but what do you if you are on the other end? How do you take the feedback? Do you try to explain yourself?

I enjoy gaining feedback from others. Being a CMA, I believe in constant self-improvement and preparing myself for bigger, more complex situations. When I receive feedback, I like to:

Not Argue: I don’t argue the feedback. I may feel that the feedback is incorrect, from my perspective, but the prospective of the other person, it is warranted.

Listen: I listen to what is being said to me. I also ask open-ended questions to make sure I fully understand the feedback. If I still don’t fully understand the feedback, I try to use the feedback in a scenario with the person giving me feedback.

Thank you: I always try to say ‘Thank you’. The person giving the feedback took the time to formulate and deliver the feedback to me, at the very least, I can say thank you for their effort in trying to make me better.

Apply It: Even if I don’t agree with the feedback, I still try to apply it. It may not work out for me but it doesn’t hurt to try something.

What was your reaction the last time you got feedback? How did you receive it?

Next week, I will be hopefully taking tour of a Boeing plant in Washington. I will let you know how that adventure turns out.

Photo Credit to Armando Sotoca


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