What Is In A Title?


One of the first things that someone normally does when they get a business card from a new contact is look at the title of the person. Do you look at someone differently based off their title? I will admit, I once judged people based off their title, but that changed with one interview I saw.

I enjoyed watching CNBC until I found that they looked at the world at a very unrealistic slant. One of the stories they ran was about a young lady who recently graduated from an Ivy League school with a MBA to be the Vice President of Asian Operations. She did not accumulate any work experience between her bachelors and masters degrees so I wondered how she rose through the ranks.

As the interview was played, I learned that the company did not actually have any Asian operations, she had nobody reporting to her, and she was not able to speak to any details of her responsibilities. From the story, it was learned that her employer was trying to increase the ratio of women-to-men in the executive suite and since she was Ivy League educated, she would be a perfect fit. Her actual main role was to help executives when they needed an interpreter who spoken an Asian language that she knew.

Seeing her stunned face when she realized that she was not actually a Vice President but an interpreter was heart breaking and somewhat funny at the same time.

I now look at a person for who they are, not who they are supposed to be. A title is a statement of what a person may be doing but it does not define the person’s skills, abilities, aptitudes, attitude, and ability to get it done.

Have you ever been ‘tricked’ by someone’s title? What is the weirdest title you have ever seen?

Have an awesome week!


Photo credited to http://www.thebln.com/2011/06/money-in-mobile-forum-14th-june-attendee-list/


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