Power Outage


In this day and age of technology, it is interesting to see the side effects of being in a place with no plug-in. Yes, you heard me correctly, those small smiley faces on a wall are becoming an important piece of our lives. I got to learn this on a first hand basis.

After going to a local noon hour charity fundraiser, I went to a local coffee shop which would become my meeting point later that afternoon. As a solo practice entrepreneur, coffee shops are a common office for me.

After entering the coffee shop, I committed a few flagrant coffee shop entrepreneur mistakes. When I entered, I didn’t look around for a plug-in to charge my laptop. I went directly to the counter to place my order (mistake #1).

After receiving my order, I sat down at a random seat (mistake #2) and started to power up my laptop. Upon starting my laptop, I  noticed that my battery was less than ½ full. Mistake #3 occurred earlier in the day by not checking my battery level before leaving my place and giving my laptop a quick charge. I pulled out my charger and I started to walk along the walls of the coffee shop. I was not going to be able to charge my computer, no plug-in could be found. Alas, I kept working but before my networking meeting ended, I ran out of juice, which is why I started to write out this blog…on paper….with a pencil…yes, very old school.

As a friendly reminder to the solo coffee shop entrepreneurs, make sure you double check a few things.

Cables & Computer: Double check that you have your essential cables required. Also check that you have your computer and that it is charged.

Hard Copy: Double check that you have all of the hard copy data that you require to work with (files, reports, etc.).

Sweater:  Many coffee shops like to keep things cool. At times, it can be too cool and I will admit, it can become a challenge to type while shivering.

Plug-Ins: When you walk into your coffee shop, double check where the plug-ins are. They can be your lifeline to a productive day.

Do you have any tips for entrepreneurs who operate in mobile offices? What blunder has caused you to lose productivity?

Have a fantastic week.



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