Social Responsibility

Riot police clear a street with smoke bombs while clashing with demonstrators in Ferguson, Missouri

Over the last few days, news media outlets have been focusing on the events in Ferguson, Missouri. With the recent police shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown, the community has been protesting against the perceived injustice. Riots have been occurring which has left numerous looted businesses in disrepair. As a matter a fact, a local convenience store was burnt right to the ground.

As we all know, the business community has a role of concentrating on commercial operations for the advancement of society and its citizens. A large responsibility comes with that authority and greatly influences the present and future for citizens.

During tense situations that are seen in Missouri, does the business community have the need or requirement to be involved in the solution? Does the business community have the tools to help with the situation?

Constant politicking and short term outlook and planning currently prevail in our political system. Politicians are not able or interested in developing long term solutions to problems within society.

Business constantly take a strategic standpoint that is long term in vision and implementation. That mindset can be used to help certain issues within society. Business cannot be expected to solve all societal problems but with strong social responsibility, being a part of a complete holistic social sustainability strategy, business can help to improve skills of people, therefore giving them a higher paying job and more opportunities for improvement. Of course, this will not solve all problems, but there are other solutions also available. Poverty is not an easy lifestyle to leave behind but with the help of others, it is possible.

How do you see your business helping society? Are you able to see the benefit for your company to take the right action?


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