Bar Code

Bar Code

BEEP – When I was a kid, that was a sign that the Road Runner was going to outwit Willy Coyote again. Now, it is something a whole lot different. That beep, to me at least, seems to be very loud but an essential part of our world, especially with how we have setup our systems.

BEEP – An item has been taken out of inventory and is placed into a box.

BEEP – The box is now placed on a pallet. All items on the pallet are going to the same location at the same time.

BEEP – The pallet has been scanned and it is on route to its final destination.

BEEP – The pallet has now arrived at its destination.

BEEP – The item is scanned into inventory, placed on the shelf, and is now ready to be sold.

BEEP – A customer is buying the item now. The item is being removed from the store’s inventory, and a purchase order is being done up so the shelves are replenished when inventory has reached a certain level.

BEEP – A customer loyalty card scanned. That customer now has a ‘relationship’ with that item. Based off past purchases, retailers are able to use their data mining abilities to forecast when the customer would be willing or needing to purchase that item again.

Every time you hear BEEP, a new piece of data is being captured for a company to help improve their warehousing, transportation, inventory control, and customer knowledge and experience.

This data has always been available to users, but how was it to captured? It was very hard to capture before bar codes and computers. Now that the data is being captured, due to the quantity of data, it must be ‘mined’. Jewels are hidden within your data. When was the last time you placed your miner’s hardhat on and went to work?

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