Professional Development

Professional Development

As kids, we went to school not only because it was expected of us, but to help improve ourselves. With these improvements, we became ready for future challenges. These challenges tested our limits and allowed for more improvements.

These opportunities are always available in the workplace. Making an error has negative associations to it but good things can come out of it as well. Coaching and self-improvement opportunities are available to not only help decrease the error rate, but improve systems and for training of other staff members.

Some progressive companies make a training fund available to their employees. I worked at an industrial construction company where 6% of an employee’s salary was placed in a fund that the employee could use towards professional development. The 6% did not come from the employees pocket but was an investment from the company into their employees. Rarely did this money get spent and oddly enough, most positions that would be a promotion for employees was filled by an outside hire. It is possible for companies to bring their employees down the path of self-improvement, but the employees have to be willing to partake in it.

As you can correctly assume, I am huge advocate of constant self-improvement. I am currently working on attaining my Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification. 5 years previous to that, I completed my CMA (Certified Management Accountant) accounting designation. In between my certificates, I attend various workshops, conferences, and webinars with the end goal of making myself a better employee, manager, leader, and all-around person.

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