Networking – The Lifeblood of Business

The past few weeks has been very busy at PU Technologies. With the launch of the new website ( and with attending numerous networking events, business development has been on the forefront. An important component of business development is networking.

Edmonton offers numerous networking possibilities with various professional and business associations lunches and networking groups.

Here are 5 things I’ve learned during this time.

1.Just get out there – People are genuinely interested in meeting you and they feel just as uncomfortable as you.  Making a comment about the weather will help break the ice and make the other person feel comfortable.

2. Actively Listen – Listen to what is being said. Networking involves getting to know people, not just collecting business cards. Paraphrase what they are saying to you so they get the understanding that you are genuinely listening.

3. Win-win Networking – Don’t just look for an angle that you can take advantage of. With active listening, the best networkers look for an angle where the relationship will benefit everyone involved.

4. Introducing Others – While actively listening to your new network member, you might be thinking “Hey, it would be great if I could introduce he/she to John”. This will help with foster the win-win relationship.

5. Follow up – Stay in contact with your new network members. You can get substantial information about someone during a 5 minute conversation but try advancing the relationship with a coffee or lunch.

Social media has changed how networking can be done. The personal touch is still a viable way to add strength to your network. Get off the couch, meet and listen to some new people. Introduce people to your network to create the best mutually beneficial relationships and don’t forget them after the event is over.

Please feel free to leave any comments about this blog. Suggestions for future blogs are always appreciated.



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