Hi everyone and thank you for visiting my first blog posting.

Originally, I was planning on having this post being about my company and what I love to do. As you know, life is a dynamic thing, and of course, my plans changed!

As I was training for the MS150km , I was watching BNN and an interview with Kirstine Stewart CEO or Chief Evangelist at Twitter Canada. Twitter Canada now has 20 employees so the question was asked “What is your culture like?”. And as per most CEOs, the answer was “It’s great!” Kristine talked about how Twitter’s culture is customer focused with innovation and pushing the boundaries around them.

From that general statement, I would assume that it is an open environment where ideas are always sought after, employees are engaged and able to implement some of their thoughts. To someone else, that same culture could mean that the environment is constantly changing (which some don’t like), the customer is #1 while employees are somewhere down on the list, stability is no where to be found.

Being someone that has misinterpreted the ‘general’ terms of a culture description, please be specific. Being specific about your culture can help you hire the right employee, sell your product or service, and will help define your company. There is nothing worst than being sold on a culture based no specifics and being let down when reality sets in.

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